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13 Gifs of All Your Job Market Problems

Compulsively checking the job sites for new ads

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“Various positions” clickbait

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Editing your cover letter so many times you can recite it, in all its customized iterations

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Send us: a cover letter, your CV, a writing sample, a teaching statement, a research statement, a diversity statement, a statement about our mission statement, 3 letters of reference and 2 sample syllabi… for a 1 year, non-renewable postdoc ^__^

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Send an original sample syllabus for a ~*dream course*~ you’d like to teach here, teehee!

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Three words: Academic Jobs Online

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Hate-reading CHE and IHE articles that are just too relatable

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The sound of silence

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The entire month of November

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Compulsively checking the job wikis

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Ghosted after a campus visit

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Fuck, it was a fake search all along

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Other people not recognizing that you are a formidable scholar and would make the best colleague ever, when that is 100% the truth and I believe in you

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