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On the Academic Job Market

On the Academic Job Market

Gif of Lawrence character in Hunger Games saying 'I Volunteer'

Gif of Minaj saying You're not gonna tell me who I am, I'm gonna tell you who I am

Gif of Tyler Ford on body positivity saying 'Here I am I'm not going to back down

Gif of Chelsea Handler saying 'I don't really care about being judged'

Gif of a Game of Thrones episode with the text 'Oh, my sweet summer child'

Gif from a Simpsons episode featuring three characters in a judges box holding up zeros

Gif of the Stuart Smalley Saturday Night Live character saying 'I refure to beat myself up'

Gif with text 'You're basic

Gif from the show Workaholics with the text 'Thanks for comin' in, but no thanks'

Gif from the show The Girlfriend Experience with a character saying 'Keep breathing' to themself

Gif from the show Spaced of a hand stamping a paper with a Rejected stamp

Gif from the show Mad Men of a character looking down and saying 'they rejected me'

Gif of three cheerleaders doing a cheer saying 'Yeah, you just got rejected!'

Gif from the movie Anchorman of a character in a phone booth yelling 'I'm in a glass case of emotion'

Gif from the show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt of her asking 'Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?'

Gif of America's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell saying 'Finding stars should be difficult'

Gif from a Simpsons episode of Homer in a sweatband saying 'I've gotta keep trying'

Gif of a judge on the TV show Chopped saying 'I don't think your pickle is as properly pickled as you think it is'

Gif of Patrick from the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants tearing up with the text 'I give up, I'm done'

Gif of a scene from the cartoon Futurama of a character turning and saying 'Or you can take your last shot at the big time'

Gif of a line of people in school uniforms walking and throwing papers with the text 'Look at all the fucks I do not give'

Gif from the show Southpark with four judges holding up perfect 10s

Gif from the TV show Gotham showing a zoom in on a character saying 'I can't believe it worked'

Gif of Miley Cyrus celebrating with the text 'I'll see y'all next year!'

Shenanigan O'Flanagan is an early career historian. She specializes in the artisanal humanities and lives somewhere in the Northeast.