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Killing Clio

Serial, The Keepers, My Favorite Murder, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark — true crime has dominated popular culture in the 2010s, but is not a new phenomenon. Our newest series will turn the magnifying glass on true crime. True crime walks the line between voyeurism, investigation, and entertainment, and is complicated by the intersections of race, class, and gender that characterize its creators, audiences, and subjects. When does advocacy cross over into exploitation? Why is the genre so popular among middle-class white women? And why has it had a recent resurgence?

We welcome pitches on a variety of topics related to true crime of all types, such as the rise of the true crime podcast and its roots in earlier forms of entertainment; the politics of true crime documentary production; or a close exploration of infamous crimes (Lizzie Borden or Theranos, anyone?). While our focus is on true crime as a genre, essays need not be media analysis; we are also interested in historical accounts of infamous (and unfamous) crimes that can contextualize the development of the true crime phenomenon.

Please send your pitch — a few sentences on your topic — and a CV to nursingclio@gmail.com by March 1, 2019. Essays will be due in late May and published in July and August.

Call for Bloggers

Adventures in the Archives

Nursing Clio invites pitches for our ongoing “Adventures in the Archives” series. For this series, we ask writers to narrow in on a specific source or set of sources pertaining to histories of medicine, gender, race, disability, sexuality, and more. We welcome blog posts (500 to 1200 words) covering sources from any time period or geography, but they must be accessible to a general audience. Please send your pitch — a few sentences on your topic — and a CV to nursingclio@gmail.com.


Want to contribute? We’re eager to include new voices and welcome writing on a wide range of topics. If you would like to write with us, send an email to nursingclio@gmail.com introducing yourself. Please attach a your CV/resume, and give us two article ideas — pieces you could see yourself writing and publishing on the site.

There are a variety of interesting pieces on the site, but if you think you might be interested in contributing and want to get a sense of our style and tone, we suggest you review our Style Guide and check out these examples:

A Little About Us

We’re an open access, collaborative blog project that ties historical scholarship to current political, social, and cultural issues related to gender and medicine. Bodies, sexuality, health care, medical technology, and reproductive rights play central roles in both political debate and popular culture. Our tagline — “The Personal is Historical” — emphasizes the fact that these issues don’t develop spontaneously; they represent ongoing dialogues that reach far back into the past.

Nursing Clio provides a platform for historians, students, health care workers, community activists, and the public at large to analyze, discuss, and debate these kinds of connections between the present and the past. We do publish long-form, scholarly pieces, but we also want to focus on shorter, historically-informed responses to the world around us — current events, music, film, television, sports, and anything else that intersects with gender and medicine. We want, ultimately, to create a balance between fun conversations, political debate, and serious scholarship.

We are an all-volunteer group, from our editorial team to our contributors. To learn more about Nursing Clio, see our about page or meet the NC team.