Call for Writers

Maternity at War

Maternity at War graphic. A pregnant person with a big belly is standing in front of the Nursing Clio logo, with a war-torn and shattered building in the background.

Since the beginning of Russia’s war in Ukraine, images and reports featuring the plight of pregnant women and new mothers in the war zone have abounded. Journalists have written about pregnant women, their due dates looming, taking refuge in hospital basements while being monitored by anxious OB/GYNs, and videos have circulated of nurses in evacuating neonatal intensive care units manually pumping oxygen into fragile newborns. At the same time, the war has disrupted Ukraine’s surrogacy industry, leaving surrogate mothers in impossible positions and desperate expectant parents searching for information.

This crisis in Ukraine reminds us that there is a long history of pregnancy, motherhood, and war. Whether we consider mothers facing civil wars in China, Nigeria, or the United States; Indigenous mothers parenting during colonial conflicts; mothers negotiating new borders during the Partition of India or the founding of Israel; mothers and children fleeing violence from 20th-century Latin American dictatorships; or even the role of women religious—mothers of a different kind—during conflicts around the world, the impact of war on mothers and children resonates across different times and places.

Nursing Clio invites pitches for articles of 500–1,500 words that explore these and other intersections of maternity and war. Please submit your pitch via our Pitch Form by April 30, 2022. Essays will be due in May and June, to be published over the summer.