Sunday Morning Protest

Instead of our weekly check-up of news, we’re dedicating this space to organizations you can donate your time and money:

Readers, what other organizations should we include on our list? Please add in the comments.

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Laura Ansley

Local organizations will need help and money too. I suggest looking up your local women’s shelter, organizations that help those coming out of prison, or those that help the homeless.


This is a good point. Another angle is your local social justice oriented churches and faith communities.

Jessica Martucci

The Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia – a critical lgbtq health and resources center offering everything from legal help to a food bank to healthcare.

Jacqueline Antonovich

Thanks for adding to the list, Grazia! It’s mind boggling how many angles we have to think about with the Trump presidency.

Lauren Thompson

Emily’s List is a good one as well – they work to fund female candidates, particularly those who support repro rights:)

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