Sunday Morning Medicine

A weekly check-up of gender, medicine, and history in the news.

  • A visit to the vibrator museum
  • Supersize Me‘s Morgan Spurlock tackles the evolution of male health and beauty treatments in his new documentary, Mansome.
  • Are many Baby Boomer’s unknowingly carrying a potentially deadly disease?
  • The scary consequences of “fetal harm laws”
  • Feministe examines feminism, breasts (natural or augmented), and empowering art
  • Jezebel looks at the lengths some women will go to in order to become grandmothers
  • A new type of vaginal ring on the horizon?
  • Nursing Clio‘s very own Jacqueline Antonovich and her adventures in documenting the history of Alcoholics Anonymous (Check out the blog post written by her PhD Advisor)

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