Pardon Our Dust: Nursing Clio is Under Construction

Dear Readers, Can you believe Nursing Clio will be celebrating its third birthday this year? It seems like just yesterday we came bouncing into the world full of promise and potential. Like many toddler blogs out there, however, we are currently experiencing some growing pains and we’ve realized that it’s time for us to move into a bigger playpen.

Nursing Clio will be going on a brief hiatus while we migrate from WordPress to our own self-hosted site. During our time away we will not be publishing regular essays, but we’ll still bring you our weekly edition of Sunday Morning Medicine and our Facebook and Twitter pages will remain active. Although we are sad that we will be taking a short break from publishing, we are very excited about the new changes coming to Nursing Clio, including an updated look, new features, and a larger roster of writers.

So please pardon our dust and hold onto your hats…we’ll be back very soon!

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